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Foraging in Central Park with Wildman Steve Brill

Sometimes this librarian needs a break from the burbs. Last Saturday, I went on a foraging tour in Central Park with “Wildman” Steve Brill. I’ve never really thought about exploring Central Park in this way before and, well, wow, the amount of wild herbs and berries we found along the paths was amazing! Steve identified both edible and deadly plants. We gathered up quite a collection of things, including: wood sorrel (my favorite); poke weed; poor man’s pepper; juneberry; wild lettuce; ailanthus; burdock root; black birch (wintergreen flavor that can be used as a natural aspirin); Japanese knotweed; cattail; coffee (yes, coffee trees in Central Park); and field garlic. I’ve been on the lookout for all of these things, especially the field garlic, which is just incredible. I don’t think I’ll ever forage for cattail – it’s the one thing I’m not comfortable eating. Swamp food just isn’t appealing!

Steve shared some awesome vegan food at lunch – homemade bread with some kind of foraged green pesto, chocolate truffles, and roasted burdock (or some other green, I’m not sure). It was all really good. So, at the end of the tour, I couldn’t pass up purchasing his book, The Wild Vegan Cookbook.


Looking forward to trying some of the recipes!